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JTD Design was established in 2004, by Jason Dickson, and is located in Pratt, Kansas which is in central Kansas. JTD Design is not just centralized to this area there are associates all across the state. The mission of JTD Design is to design and develop websites that are easy to use for both the person using the site and the person editing the website. JTD Design wanted to create websites so that the company, business, or organization could edit it themselves not needing to know any computer programming languages. This in turn takes out the middle person and is cheaper for the customer.

To do this JTD Design started using the content management system or CMS, eZ Publish. This system allows JTD Design to set up the basic design and templates for a customer and then control for content over to the customer. The customer then enters in the information, pictures, videos, etc. itself. The main reason for doing this is that the customer then does not need to know, HTML, PHP, etc. to edit the site. This saves on time and money in the long run. The software also allows JTD Design to build different applications for different customers, with easy to use interfaces for the customer to report and look at the information.